What We Believe

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) are an international community of religious men of the Catholic Church who believe that nothing is more important than the saving power of God's love. The initials M.S.C. come from the Latin: Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis.
Holy Scripture pays much attention to the mystery of the heart: and there are over one thousand texts in the Bible which use the term 'heart', and the majority refer to the human heart. God takes a special interest in our heart: in his eyes, the quality  of a person depends on the quality of his or her heart. In the context of the promise of a new exodus, a new covenant, a new heaven and a new earth, God has spoken of what this means. In the New Testament we find indications that God renews our heart by his Son and by his own Spirit.
We are a movement of people who believe in the love of God for each one of us, a love that is individual, concrete, and eternal.

The congregation was founded by Fr Jules Chevalier in France in the year 1854. In that turbulent era, Father Chevalier was deeply moved by the evils that afflicted the people of his time. As he contemplated the Heart of Jesus, he saw revealed the compassionate love of the Father, and thus he discovered the remedy for the ills of the world. 

Today, close to 2,000 MSC priests and brothers are keeping the vision of Father Jules Chevalier alive in more than 50 countries, all over the world.